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For Investment Companies.


Do you offer retirement planning advice, either through your website or through advisors?


Does your retirement planning advice incorporate health care costs, especially the potential high cost of long-term care?


Or does it ignore it, or just use the same advice no matter what the circumstances are concerning the retiree's finances and health?


Do you compute how much employed people need to have available when they retire ignoring the huge difference between health care costs during working years and at retirement? By not offering advice tailored to various segments of your market and offering advice which ignores the very important health care costs, you are underestimating the amount needed to fund retirement, and are overstating the amount retirees can spend and not risk outliving their money.


Why not add health care costs into the retirement planning advice you give your clients, both those ready to retire as well as those of all ages saving for retirement?


It may:

Increase assets under management, as more assets will be needed to be saved for retirement.

Perform a much needed and rarely performed service for your clients at or near retirement.

Give your company an advantage over those who ignore retirement costs.


How to do that?


PDRP Plus, Jack P Paul Actuary's one-of-a-kind retirement health care projection system, can provide information 

for use with your retirees and those saving for retirement that incorporate the full range of healthcare costs.


This information can be provided in different ways:


Guidelines to use for various sample retiree couples with different characteristics

Programming specifications

Health care probability distributions for sample retiree couples

Savings goals with and without healthcare costs for those saving for retirement

Modules on what retirees should do to get ready for healthcare:- costs, choosing the best Medicare options, links to various sites and much more


Please contact Jack P Paul Actuary, LLC to see how we can help!


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